Jan, 2005-
CRAFT USA Corporation starts its operations at 1600 Golf Road, Suite465, Rolling Meadows, IL6008, USA.

Jul, 2004-
CRAFT USA Corporation is established as an Illinois Corporation.

Jun, 2003-[NIKKEI Daily]
Craft Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) makes its bid for exclusive “Speed and Preciseness” by investing more for the highest-class equipments. Craft Corporation keeps on increasing its sales rapidly, while its less-expensive & less-equipped competitors tend to choose price bargain.

Feb, 2003-[NIKKEI Daily]
Craft Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) establishes its 5th facility in Shihung, Korea called CMT(Craft Mobile Technology). A sophisticated tooling, molding and contract manufacturing facility equipped with the latest high-end equipments mostly from Sodick. High-speed DNA from its parent company in Tokyo will be inherited by CMT and adopted to the Korean industry specialists such as Samsung and LG.

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